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Welcome to Creative Mandie!

Our goal here is to create a place of reference, information and inspiration that will assist you in going about your daily life with as little environmental footprint as possible. Our passion is that we, as humanity, realise the individual power we have to make a positive difference to the world through the small decisions we make every day.  We hope to offer suggestions on new ways of looking at things, and openly encourage you to share your ideas as well.

This site’s main areas of interest are:

  • recycled crafts in Creative Mandie’s Shop
  • how-to’s in ‘Make it Myself’
  • articles and recipes for a happier Earth AND you!

A little bit about Mandie (from Mandie)…

My passion is re-using what would be thoughtlessly discarded and giving it a new lease of life by creating accessories, clothes and other products that are bold, creative and funky!

I’ve been creating things for as long as I can remember… as a child my first sewing machine was a miniature hand-operated one (which I recently found out my parents still have in their shed!) with which I began making hair scrunchies from old scraps of material! I then progressed as a teenager to redesigning my wardrobe with a pair of scissors, and making strange and quirky accessories from safety pins and other random pieces of metal I found around the place.

I’ve always been fascinated with re-using materials to make something new, something the materials weren’t originally intended for (like when I wove a hat out of my brother’s dreadlocks – so he could still wear them if he wanted to). There’s a beauty in that I think. It’s like holding an old book in your hands, you can feel its history without needing to know what it is.

One thing I’ve never been comfortable with is our society’s incessant need to upgrade, buy new and throw out the old. Hopefully this site can help inspire and encourage some of you to get a little bit crafty, think outside the square and head out into the world with a clear conscience that you are helping make this world a better place simply by being in it AND that your good deeds will inspire others to do the same!

This is just the beginning, and I look forward to the glorious path that unfolds in front of us. Thanks for sharing the journey…

Peace and Love
Mandie xxx


The Original Vision of Creative Mandie

Mandie had this idea a while ago to create a shop that sold products that somehow contributed to making the world a better place.

This shop had three main aspects;

  1. products that helped people eg. fair trade
  2. products that helped or contributed to charities; and
  3. products that were friendly to the earth eg. made from recycled material or Earth-friendly in any way.

She envisioned having an adjoining cafe serving fair trade coffee and yummy vegan delights, a book exchange with categories such as Organic Gardening, Vintage Fashion, Crafts and Health & Well-being and, of course, encouragingly friendly customer service!

This vision still brings a smile to her face so she hasn’t dis-counted it completely as it sums up the things she most passionate and motivated about (as well as her LOVE of animals… she will have to include that somewhere!) however when she sat down and worked out the cost and risk involved in such a venture, she decided to lock that idea away in her mind (in a safe place so as not to lose it) and look outside the square a little bit on how she can inspire the same awareness in others of those values most dear to her heart.

This is the beginning of that venture…

The aspect we’re beginning with is from the Environmental point of view, however the more I think about it the more I realise this has an immense ripple effect on all the others.  For most of Mandie’s life she has enjoyed creating art and craft from re-used/recycled material. She has now started to do this in a much more dedicated and inspired way over the past year, so decided to set up a shop as part of the site selling the jewellery and home-wares she makes herself. This helps fund the rest of the website which is intended to be a FREE point of reference for anyone.  We will be posting ‘how-to’s’ so that you may make these crafts yourself, and we would love to open the shop up to other Earth-Friendly Creators out there wishing to market and share their products with the world.

There is much more to come, thanks for sharing the journey!

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